3 years ago
For what its worth, the "manage storage" link breaks it down into TB, while the main page simply shows "1PB." The main page showed in TB until it hit 1024TB (I'm assuming - it was at about 1020 +/- when I last saw it).

Since Im sure people will be asking about some details, heres a quick rundown. Only my personal files are encrypted. The vast majority of the data is webcam recordings from different sites. I decided I wanted to learn some scripting better, as well as test the "unlimited" storage Amazon advertised. I figured holding a ton of porn was a simple way to do it. I have access to several hosted servers (some personal, some for friends I manage all totaling probably around 2.5Gbps), and Ive been using the extra resources to capture the streams and upload them to ACD via rclone. Much of the data is also backed up on googledrive accounts, but I quit that sometime ago, as I really don't care if I lose it. I would just be out time, but it was time I spent learning, so not a complete loss!

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