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    • Beko dishwasher rinse aid light stays on: Add some rinse aid and close the lid, this should go away.
    • Salt light stays on red: Add some salt in the lower left compartment with 'Salt' / 'Tuz' on it. And the screw it back.
    • Salt compartment is full of water, what should i do? It's fine just go ahead and fill it up fully until it's done. Water will dispense itself once you start filling up.
    • Machine keeps humming, doesn't start, ON light blinks but nothing happens: Make sure the drain pipe is clean. After you make sure that it's clean, try to cancel the program by pressing start/stop for 3 seconds. And then keep pressing for 7 seconds to reset the machine. If none of these work, try to lean the machine side like 45 degrees, there will be water dispensed from the side, this will make the machine reset.

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